Update on $1 million

When we launched the 2022 Whatever it Takes campaign, we set a dream goal of $1 million. To be honest, none of us at La Colaborativa knew for sure how we’d get there. What we did know is that our friends and supporters have continually stepped up to serve, protect, and uplift immigrant families. We are so grateful for that.

Today, we are beyond proud to share that we are 93% of the way there! These resources will carry us into 2023 with strength and hope, and ensure that our team can continue to do whatever it takes to support our community in the long, challenging months ahead.

But true impact requires more than just surviving. La Colaborativa exists to enhance the quality of life for every individual, and that requires systemic change. We fight for quality housing, healthcare, jobs, and education for all residents – regardless of how they came to this country. We do this by weaving civic engagement into everything we do, training all our members to understand their rights, and supporting them to develop their own leadership skills so they can speak out against injustice. From the food lines to vaccination clinics to resume workshops, we seek to civically engage all residents to join the movement for lasting change.

Youth Leader Emily M.’s journey to stable housing intertwined with her empowerment as a community leader at La Colaborativa. While working in our youth jobs program, her family had to choose between a toxic living environment and homelessness. Emily was working multiple jobs as a teen to help keep her family housed. While receiving housing assistance from La Colaborativa, Emily also emerged as a leader in our housing justice campaign, testifying at public hearings for housing reforms, speaking on panels, building our base, and sharing her story about the impacts of gentrification and displacement.

With support from La Colaborativa, Emily’s family found affordable housing and the peace that comes with a safe and stable home. Her journey as a housing advocate is only just beginning and with a deep understanding of the housing crisis, her voice is critical to our fight for housing as a human right.

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