La Colaborativa’s New Mercado is Now Open!

Food donations at La Colaborativa have a whole new look these days.

The Mercado is a brand new effort by La Colaborativa that goes beyond just keeping the community fed. Thanks to the building skills of Alejandro (one of our beloved staff), there are now cheerful, colorful carts filled to the brim with fresh fruits, vegetables and other food twice a week.

On Tuesdays from 2:00pm – 6:00pm and Thursdays from 2:00pm – 7:00pm (or until the food is gone), community members can collect whatever they need from the market, which leads to less food waste, and (most importantly) to each individual having the sovereignty to choose the items they want. This is what building up our community looks like.

photos by  Darlene DeVita

At the new market, area residents can also take a box of goods provided from the Greater Boston Food Bank, and then go on to add additional produce. Instead of building boxes from scratch, La Colaborativa staff are on hand to help bag up people’s selections and ensure everyone gets what they need.

For those who cannot make it during open market hours, we are excited to send out our new truck on select Saturdays to continue the food distribution (follow us on Facebook for exact weekly location of the truck). A huge THANK YOU to the Greater Boston Food Bank and the state of Massachusetts for their generous donations used to purchase the new food truck. It will enable us to reach so many more people in our community.

And a huge THANK YOU to you for your continued donations as they help to make this work possible!



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