Economic Development

La Colaborativa offers contextualized support to empower our community towards financial independence. We provide holistic workforce development pathways for individuals between the ages of 14-60, ensuring they have the necessary tools and resources to succeed in the workforce.
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Promoting Financial Independence

Our programs provide a relevant and integrated strategy for individuals to develop essential work readiness skills, enhance English fluency, as well as access education and training programs. Participants can also seek employment opportunities, establish their own businesses, connect with employers and clients, and re-enter the workforce with ease.

Rapid Re-employment 
With our weekly job readiness workshops, jobseekers can prepare job applications, transition into new work opportunities, and achieve long-term employment through training in resume writing, mock interviews, job research, and essential soft skills.
Job Search & Placement
The Job Search and Placement Program supports Greater Boston's Latinx community by assisting in creating impactful resumes, offering interview preparation and translation services, and empowering individuals to confidently navigate the job market for greater economic stability.
La Colaborativa offers a range of certification and educational programs, including free English and computer classes, to enhance skills and career prospects for participants. Upon completion, participants receive tools like Google Chromebooks to promote their continued success.
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Supporting Brighter Futures  

The Workforce Development Pipeline targets residents facing challenges like limited work readiness skills, English fluency, adult learnership, or underemployment. We concentrate on bridging skill gaps to enhance job prospects within our community. La Colaborativa partners with various entities including community organizations, educational institutions, businesses, and government agencies to develop comprehensive solutions addressing the diverse needs of the Latinx workforce. Our year-round programs provide ongoing support from initial intake to skill enhancement, job placement, and beyond, ensuring a continuous pathway to success.

Carlos Ricardo Galvez

Carlos R. Gálvez

Director of Economic Sustainability & Mobility
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Job Search & Placement

We empower Greater Boston's Latinx community by providing vital support in securing meaningful employment.

Our team helps support creating impactful resumes that highlight residents’ skills and experiences. Our programming offers comprehensive interview preparation and translation services to ensure candidates are well-equipped to present themselves confidently in interviews. Through one of our campaigns, Jobs Day, we collaborate with specific companies to promote employment opportunities and secure interviews for our community members. Our free services not only bridge language barriers but also empower individuals to navigate the job market successfully, ultimately leading to greater economic stability and well-being for families within our community.

Rapid Re-employment 

We assist our community in securing employment that aligns with their skill sets, ensuring a dignified and respectful process.

Job readiness workshops are offered three times a week for 20 members per day. These workshops prepare job seekers to navigate employment applications, transition smoothly into new roles, and maintain stable employment. Training topics include resume creation, mock interviews, job research techniques, and application processes. Additional training focuses on teamwork, effective communication, problem-solving, work ethic, adaptability, and interpersonal skills. We also offer personalized appointments for members in urgent need of employment. Individuals in critical situations receive dedicated case management and comprehensive assistance.

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La Colaborativa offers a range of certification and educational programs to enhance your skills and boost your career prospects.

Classes and certifications, including English classes at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels can make a tremendous impact. Our classes are free, culturally relevant, and  focused on English language skills needed for the workplace and economic advancement. In addition to English classes, we offer computer classes that help build technology skills needed to successfully research, apply for, and perform many jobs in today’s market. Upon successful completion, participants receive a Google Chromebook. 

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"I am grateful to La Colaborativa for helping me achieve my goals. With their support, I was able to open my own daycare. Owning the daycare brings me immense joy and through their support, I feel prepared for any challenge. I want to thank La Colaborativa's Early Education and Childcare program. Opening my daycare has been a dream come true, and I hope to inspire other women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams."

Norma Escobar

"I needed a new job and wanted more opportunities, and I realized how important it was to learn English. La Colaborativa’s ESOL courses were very helpful as I started from zero, which has helped open many doors for me. When I came to La Colaborativa, I had just lost my job, and with their guidance, I quickly got a job in just one week at a Dental Clinic!"

Ana Ruth Lobo Zavala

"I was going through some hard times and needed some help… Everyone at La Colaborativa treated me with such respect. I came in needing help, needed a job, and within a matter of minutes, La Colaborativa gave me options and helped open doors."

Eddie Artica
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