At La Colaborativa, we are committed to empowering our community through education. From a diverse array of certifications to a wide range of classes, we provide opportunities for individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge.
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Fostering Skills and Knowledge 

We provide the guidance and resources our community needs to grow and create successful lives. Our dedicated team is here to support and guide you in your journey; whether you are learning English or honing your computer skills, we are here to help!

Contextualized ESOL
We offer free, in-person English classes to empower community members with the skills needed for job market engagement and advocacy. These courses last eight weeks and require a referral from the Economic Development Department.
Technology & Digital Equity
State-of-the-art computer classes equip community members with essential technology skills for job market success, with graduates receiving a Google Chromebook to support their learning and job-seeking efforts.
Financial Literacy
In collaboration with community partners including Bank of America and Eastern Bank, our financial literacy workshops promote healthy financial habits by covering topics such as credit building, budgeting, financial planning, and understanding loans.
Citizenship Pathways
Our comprehensive support for newly arrived immigrants includes citizenship classes, application assistance, and free legal aid. These services empower individuals to achieve economic stability and security, with citizenship classes offered every three months at no cost.
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We Catalyze Economic Mobility

Educational programs include computer classes, financial literacy workshops, English classes (ESOL), and onsite certification courses. Our Digital Equity Programs provide community members with basic to advanced computer skills to be successful in the modern workforce. We promote healthy financial habits through financial literacy workshops, where community members can gain valuable insights into managing finances, budgeting, saving, and investing for the future. We also provide free, in-person English classes to help residents reach their professional goals by improving their English for their chosen field or industry. Empower yourself with our certification programs and take a step closer to achieving financial independence.

Joanna Vodola

Joanna Vodola

Education Manager
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Contextualized ESOL

Comprehensive proficiency in English offers powerful and almost immediate returns for Latinx community members seeking economic advancement.

Our free, in person English (ESOL) classes help improve English language proficiency. La Colaborativa’s English classes are designed to empower our neighbors with the skills needed to engage and advocate in the community. Students will finish the course with a basic understanding of English grammar and a widened English vocabulary, preparing them for the current job market. Community members need a referral from the Economic Development Department to participate in the ESOL program. For information about more advanced English classes, please contact the Education Manager.


Financial Literacy

Supporting long-term financial freedom to better our community as a whole is imperative.

La Colaborativa actively fosters healthy financial habits through our Financial Literacy Workshops. In collaboration with community partners such as Eastern Bank and Bank of America, we host monthly workshops focused on basic financial well-being. Open to all community members, these workshops delve into crucial topics such as credit building, budgeting, financial planning, and understanding loans.

Technology & Digital Equity

La Colaborativa provides a range of digital equity programs to meet the needs of the community.

Come use our state-of-the-art computer lab during the day or attend one of our Digital Literacy Workshops and learn more about your own technology. Our Digital Navigators are ready to assist community members with any technological challenges they face. Our Digital Literacy Workshops tackle specific topics and themes expanding knowledge of the digital world. Intermediate Computer Classes are designed to equip community members with the essential technology skills necessary to research, apply for, and excel in various job opportunities in today’s job market. In addition, our new advanced computer classes prepare community members for jobs in the tech field. We offer courses Front End Web Development, UI/UX Design and Logistics and Inventory Management. 

Explore Youth Jobs

Learn more about our summer and school year internship opportunities for community members aged 14-24.

Citizenship & Immigration

We provide extensive support to newly arrived immigrants and individuals on their journey to citizenship through a wide array of services. These services include citizenship classes, assistance with applications, and access to free legal aid.

We empower immigrants in our community to achieve economic stability and security in their new country. La Colaborativa offers support with understanding immigrant rights, U.S. citizenship classes, and assistance in obtaining a driver’s license. These workshops empower individuals to achieve economic stability and security in a dignified manner. Citizenship classes enroll new students every three months, with each class lasting 12 to 14 weeks. All of our citizenship and immigration services are provided at no cost.

Citizenship & Immigration

Path to Citizenship

  1. Determine Eligibility 

    Our team works with you to determine your immigration case status and discover next steps on your path to citizenship.

  2. Apply for Citizenship

    To apply for U.S. Citizenship, our team guides you through submitting the Form N-400 and other documents needed for this process.

  3. Complete Biometrics Appointment

    The government confirms your identify by running the required background and security checks.

  4. Attend the Interview

    During your naturalization interview, a USCIS officer asks you questions about your application and background.

  5. Pass Civic and English Test in the Interview

    During your interview, you will take a naturalization test. This test consists of two parts: an English and a civics exam. Some applicants may qualify for an exemption.

  6. Oath Ceremony

    The naturalization ceremony is a formal occasion where you and other citizen applicants affirm your commitment to becoming an American citizen.

Citizenship Pathways

La Colaborativa assists community members from all backgrounds in becoming active citizens including through our Citizenship Pathways program. We provide courses for Chelsea residents that prepare individuals who are seeking to become citizens of the United States. Our classes are designed to prepare students for both the oral and written portions of the naturalization exam. Through our partnership with MIRA Coalition, students get assistance when they are ready to apply for the naturalization exam.

Classes run for 10 weeks, with each session lasting 2 hours per week. To ensure accessibility, we have established a laptop lending program for interested residents who require access to a laptop for participation. The curriculum includes coverage of 129 civics and history questions that may appear on the exam.

We encourage civic engagement of all community members regardless of immigration status and provides class participants with the skills they need to become active citizens. Students with limited English proficiency will be given the opportunity to first attend our ESOL classes to prepare for the naturalization process. Courses are open to eligible Chelsea residents.

Learn English with La Colaborativa

Interested in learning more about how we can help improve your English proficiency?

"I am grateful to La Colaborativa for helping me achieve my goals. With their support, I was able to open my own daycare. Owning the daycare brings me immense joy and through their support, I feel prepared for any challenge. I want to thank La Colaborativa's Early Education and Childcare program. Opening my daycare has been a dream come true, and I hope to inspire other women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams."

Norma Escobar

"I needed a new job and wanted more opportunities, and I realized how important it was to learn English. La Colaborativa’s ESOL courses were very helpful as I started from zero, which has helped open many doors for me. When I came to La Colaborativa, I had just lost my job, and with their guidance, I quickly got a job in just one week at a Dental Clinic!"

Ana Ruth Lobo Zavala

"I was going through some hard times and needed some help… Everyone at La Colaborativa treated me with such respect. I came in needing help, needed a job, and within a matter of minutes, La Colaborativa gave me options and helped open doors."

Eddie Artica
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