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For over three decades, La Colaborativa has been committed to grassroots leadership development and citizen mobilization. The lasting impact of this work is evident in Chelsea, where our efforts have contributed to the city's leadership in civic participation, voter mobilization, and community education.
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We Generate Lasting Change

In a city characterized by its immigrants, people of color, and low-income resident population, La Colaborativa has defied norms by creating inclusive spaces where all voices are heard, and community members are empowered to shape our city. We inspire our members to identify and address the social and economic justice issues affecting their lives. Civic engagement and collective organizing are central to our mission and guide our daily work. 

The Power of Education
La Colaborativa empowers the Greater Boston Latinx community by conducting voter registration drives, leading educational campaigns, and advocating for equitable education. These efforts include initiatives like the Youth RIOT Squad which address educational inequities.
Housing Justice
Our team partners with local and statewide coalitions to advocate for policy changes that increase housing security and expand access to free legal counsel for low-income tenants facing eviction through the Right to Counsel (RTC) campaign.
Voting Rights
We foster voter rights awareness and participation through community-led initiatives like Reclaim The Vote, advocating for fair redistricting and promoting inclusive democracy in Greater Boston.
Consumer Protection
Through education, advocacy, and case support, our organization raises awareness and supports the Latinx community in Greater Boston to prevent fraud, theft, and other consumer crimes.
Immigrant Rights
Our team members champion immigrant rights by advocating for access to driver's licenses, guiding citizenship pathways, and empowering immigrants to create safer, more inclusive environments.
Workers' Rights
As advocates for workers' rights, we combat wage theft, push for legislative reforms, and ensure employer accountability to create fair and dignified working environments for marginalized communities.
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Lina Tabar

Lina Tabar

Director of Organizing & Policy
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Our Goals

We are committed to driving lasting change through the development and implementation of our comprehensive programs.

The Power of Education

Ensuring our community is informed and has access to fair and equitable education is integral to our mission of supporting the Greater Boston Latinx community.

At the heart of our mission, La Colaborativa fosters community education and engagement through active participation in local, state, and national elections. Through voter registration drives and educational campaigns, we empower individuals to become informed and active citizens. Our workshops, forums, and town hall meetings facilitate open dialogues on civic issues, candidates, and ballot measures. By equipping our community with knowledge, resources, and support for electoral involvement, these efforts contribute to a democracy that is more inclusive and responsive to the diverse voices within it. In addition to educating our community, La Colaborativa’s Youth RIOT Squad is committed to ending educational inequity for Chelsea students. We are focused on passing bills to improve vocational school admissions policies, aiming for greater equity. Additionally, we advocate for equal educational access and benefits for students from diverse backgrounds.


Voting Rights

We create a lasting impact by helping community members in Greater Boston understand their voting rights and stay actively involved in elections.

La Colaborativa focuses on community-led initiatives that center around voter rights. Programs such as Reclaim The Vote combat voter suppression and expand access to the polls, while advocating for fair redistricting practices to ensure equitable representation. Voter education programs empower our neighborhood to participate in the democratic process. Our efforts, exemplified by increased voter registration and fairer districting outcomes, underscore the vital role of community organizing in protecting voting rights and promoting inclusive democracy.

Housing Justice

Ensuring housing security and justice for our neighbors is our commitment.

We partner with local and statewide coalitions to advocate for policy changes to increase housing security and justice for our community. Key organizing campaigns focus on the Right to Counsel (RTC), where La Colaborativa leads the Massachusetts Right to Counsel Coalition. This work aims to expand access to free legal counsel for low-income tenants facing eviction, addressing the imbalance where more than 90% of tenants facing eviction are unrepresented, while over 80% of landlords have legal representation. RTC legislation seeks to level the playing field and help more families avoid the trauma and long-term housing consequences of eviction.

Consumer Protection

Raising awareness and helping Greater Boston’s Latinx community avoid fraud, theft, and other consumer crimes.

As a Local Consumer Program through the Attorney General’s Office, we advocate for consumers in Chelsea. Our team spreads consumer awareness, resolves disputes, and holds educational events. We focus on issues such as avoiding defective products, dealing with auto concerns, debt collection, landlord-tenant disputes, mortgages, home improvement contract issues, and utilities. Unfortunately, Latinx and low-income communities are often targets of consumer crimes. As community relationship and reputation experts, La Colaborativa raises awareness of scams and provides advocacy and case support to resolve complaints.

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Immigrant Rights

Supporting our newly arrived immigrants with a smooth transition.

La Colaborativa champions immigrant rights by advocating for access to driver’s licenses, facilitating immigration, and guiding citizenship pathways. We work to empower immigrants and aim to create safer, more inclusive environments, ensuring their rights and dignity are upheld. 

Workers' Rights

Holding decision makers accountable and advocating for workers’ rights and well-being.

Our unwavering dedication to championing workers reflects our core values of social justice and equity. Through our initiatives, we actively combat wage theft and advocate for enduring legislative reforms. It is crucial to create legislation that safeguards the rights and dignity of workers, especially those in marginalized sectors. By advocating for robust enforcement measures and ensuring employer accountability, we strive to eliminate exploitation and foster fair, dignified working environments for all.

Discover the Benefits of Organizing

Encouraging active participation and community organizing among our members lies at the core of La Colaborativa’s mission. Engaging with our community not only fosters a sense of belonging but also empowers individuals to drive positive change. By organizing and collectively advocating for their needs, community members not only amplify their voices but also gain invaluable skills, networks, and support systems, leading to a more empowered and resilient community.

Through collective action, individuals gain a sense of agency and confidence in effecting change within our community.
Social Connections
By working together towards common goals, individuals develop bonds of trust, solidarity, and mutual support. 

How We Can Help

We are committed to driving lasting change through the development and implementation of our comprehensive programs.
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Economic Development
 Supporting the entrepreneurship journey, rapid re-employment, and job search and placement programs 
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 Empowering the Latinx community through supporting financial independence, English courses, citizenship guidance, and more
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Community Wellness
Promoting health through addressing food insecurity, nutrition, and physical fitness
Policy Change
Policy Change
 Working towards lasting change through community organizing, engagement, and legal efforts
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"I am grateful to La Colaborativa for helping me achieve my goals. With their support, I was able to open my own daycare. Owning the daycare brings me immense joy and through their support, I feel prepared for any challenge. I want to thank La Colaborativa's Early Education and Childcare program. Opening my daycare has been a dream come true, and I hope to inspire other women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams."

Norma Escobar

"I needed a new job and wanted more opportunities, and I realized how important it was to learn English. La Colaborativa’s ESOL courses were very helpful as I started from zero, which has helped open many doors for me. When I came to La Colaborativa, I had just lost my job, and with their guidance, I quickly got a job in just one week at a Dental Clinic!"

Ana Ruth Lobo Zavala

"I was going through some hard times and needed some help… Everyone at La Colaborativa treated me with such respect. I came in needing help, needed a job, and within a matter of minutes, La Colaborativa gave me options and helped open doors."

Eddie Artica
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