Watch: Chelsea’s Vaccine Story

La Colaborativa has worked tirelessly to get the vaccine to every member of our community.

While most Chelsea residents have been fully vaccinated, there are still many who have not because of mistrust of the vaccine. However, in a recent study conducted by our Healthy Equity Department, we learned that among those who are hesitant to receive the shots, most do trust public health experts to provide well-researched information. Led by Gladys, we have been committed to getting trusted information into these community member’s hands.

Recognized as an activist on a mission, Gladys was invited to participate in Walgreen’s “The Vaccine, In Our Words,” a series of short documentary films featuring stories of people and communities struggling with vaccine hesitancy. Watch to hear more about her outreach experience in her own words.

Our continued research, outreach, and interventions would not be possible without your donations. We are not out of the woods yet and we know we can count of you to continue to show up for us all. Thank you for being such a trusted member of our community!

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