Youth Voices: Reclaim the Vote!

La Collaborativa’s youth group, RIOT Squad, is on a mission to empower all residents to advocate for their needs and the needs of their family. One of the best ways to do this is by voting, a right that many community members do not currently have.

RIOT Squad has joined forces with Reclaim the Vote, a movement committed to expanding municipal voting rights to all residents 18 years and older in Chelsea and other communities across the Commonwealth. Reclaim the Vote recognizes the value and importance of our noncitizen community members, business owners, leaders, teachers, youth, parents, and neighbors.

As we are reminded by one of the youth in this video, noncitizen voting is not a new idea.
“From the founding of our country until the 1920’s immigrants were able to vote and even hold office. And in some states today, they are still able to vote.”

The idea of noncitizen voting is fueled by a desire to engage individuals in their community. Expanding municipal voting rights to noncitizens will lead to higher voter turnout, better representation, stronger democracy, community inclusion, increased stake in the community, and improved community health outcomes.

If you are interested in getting involved with this campaign or would like to learn more , please contact La Colaborativa at (617) 889-6080. Another way to help is to call or write a letter to your City Councilor to express your support for expanding local voting rights.

Your donations help these young people create videos and engage in community outreach in a meaningful way. Their passion and creativity is a force! Thank you for your continued support.

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