Updates on the Work and Family Mobility Act

Information courtesy of Driving Families Forward

The Work and Family Mobility Act (H.4470/S.2851) has passed in both the House of Representatives and Senate in Massachusetts. However, it is still not law.

Both the House and the Senate passed their bills, which now need to be reconciled into one bill before moving to Governor Baker’s desk. Once the bill reaches Governor Baker, he will have three options:

  • Governor Baker signs the Work and Family Mobility Act into law and the bill would become law.
  • Governor Baker will amend the bill. The Massachusetts House and Senate would then need to accept or reject any amendments(s) by a simple majority. In the House, that is 81 votes, in the Senate, that is 21 votes. If the amendment(s) is rejected, Governor Baker would have the option to veto the bill.
  • Governor Baker vetoes the bill. The House and Senate would then vote to override the veto by a super majority. In the house, that is 105 votes, in the Senate, that is 27 votes. If the House and Senate override Governor Baker’s veto, the bill would become law!

If and when the bill is passed as written, it will not take effect until July 1, 2023. Please be aware of scams offering assistance to complete a driver’s license application process for a fee before the effective date as the application process is not yet available. The remaining steps in this process could still affect the final language of the bill.

Thank you again to the Driving Families Forward Coalition for your continued advocacy and support!


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