Celebrating Our Future Leaders

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Summer is almost here and with it the end of another school year! Graduating high school is an achievement in itself, but especially for the La Colaborativa youth who have beat the odds and excelled in school, in spite of personal challenges. Our youth work readiness programs, internships, and career exploration programs have more than 80 youth engaged. Today, we want to highlight the accomplishments of two of our young leaders who have recently just graduated and have fought for equity and housing rights with La Colaborativa!

Mayerly has been working with La Colaborativa as a youth leader in the RIOT SQUAD since 2020. During her time there, she has worked on campaigns focused on education justice and housing campaigns, making transformative change in her community. Outside of her time at La Colaborativa, Mayerly supporter herself and her brothers in the absence of her parents all while maintaining straight A’s and excelled in Advanced Placement classes.

Mayerley’s exemplary leadership and passion for her community made her the perfect fit as La Colaborativa’s newest staff member this summer, where she will help to facilitate our Summer Youth Employment Program to a group of younger teens. This fall, Mayerly will attend UMASS Boston on a full scholarship, where she hopes to pursue her pa

ssions in a STEM field and continue to give back to her community.

Saul is a young leader who immigrated to the United States by himself three years ago and has been exploring his passion for community organizing and service ever since. You may have seen Saul tirelessly working at La Colaborativa’s food pantry these past few years, ensuring that everyone in our community has access to food and our wrap-around services. Saul plans to pursue vocational training while still working with La Colaborativa to give back to our community.

These inspiring young people have already made transformative change thanks to their own hard work and dedication as well as the support and structure provided by our staff and volunteers. Young people, especially those who must overcome barriers of racism, anti-immigrant sentiment, and poverty, deserve to be lifted up and deserve the support and resources La Colaborativa provides.

Thanks to generous donations, we’re able to support hundreds of young leaders, like Mayerly and Saul, to not only survive, but thrive.