Our Voice is Our Power: A youth-led podcast for youth-led change

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This week, La Colaborativa’s RIOT Squad is launching Season 1 of their podcast, Our Voice is Our Power. Entirely youth-led and -created, the podcast is meant to be a space for youth voices to speak on the issues impacting their lives and opportunities, and mobilize other local youth to take action. This group of teens from Chelsea have worked together for the past year on community organizing campaigns focused on education equity, housing justice, and youth mental health. Sign up for podcast updates here!

Who we are

RIOT squad fights for change here in Chelsea and on behalf of youth everywhere. We come from the streets of Chelsea and we feel the community, and we feel its pain. Composed of mainly Black and Latino youth, RIOT works together as a family to create a voice stronger than any member could as an individual.

What we do

Each day RIOT works to fight injustice and create a better tomorrow. A general day in the life of RIOT Squad has us emailing legislators, helping plan and set up protests, and figuring out strategies to alleviate the pain of our community and around the world. We act together, and we fight together.

Season 1: Education Equity

Season 1 focuses on how we can empower youth to take control of their needs in education, whether that is fighting for better policies at their local schools or advocating for systemic change on the state level.

Episode 1: Black and Latino Voices

Meet the RIOT squad! RIOT squad discusses what it means to be Black and Latino organizers in a majority-minority city like Chelsea. RIOT squad breaks down the challenges of giving communities the space to advocate for their own needs while also cultivating solidarity and partnerships across cultures.

Episode 2: Local Education Policies

RIOT squad sits down with Chelsea High School principal Obed Morales and Chelsea School Committee Chair Kelly Garcia to discuss upcoming policy changes in Chelsea. Topics include trauma training for staff, the CHS bathroom policy, and getting youth representation on the school culture and climate committee.

Episode 3: Fighting for Equity in Vocational School Admissions

RIOT speaks to Mirian from the Vocational Equity Justice Coalition about the need for a lottery system to replace Massachusetts’ vocational school admissions policies

Episode 4: QPR and Mental Health

The squad partners with the NAN Project to take on teen mental health and suicide. Learn how to spot the warning signs of a mental health crisis and where to reach out for help.

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Have something to say? Contact us to share your feedback, request a topic, or to join us as a guest speaker!