La Colaborativa has dedicated itself to grassroots leadership development and citizen mobilization for nearly three decades and the long-term impacts of this work can now be seen in our city of Chelsea, which is a leader in many ways in terms of civic participation, voter mobilization, and community education. In a city that is largely made up of immigrants, people of color, and low-income residents, we have bucked the trends by creating safe spaces for all voices to be heard and all members of our community to be involved in shaping our city.      

We support our members to identify and address the social and economic justice issues impacting their lives. The importance of civic engagement and the power of organizing as a united front is a cornerstone of our mission and day-to-day work. 


Current Organizing Campaigns

Housing Justice

La Colaborativa partners with local and statewide coalitions to advocate for policy changes that will increase housing security and justice for our community. Key organizing campaigns that are ongoing focus on:

The Right to Counsel (RTC)

La Colaborativa is the lead grassroots organization in the Massachusetts Right to Counsel Coalition, working to expand access to free legal counsel for low-income tenants facing eviction. More than 90% of tenants in Massachusetts facing eviction are unrepresented, while more than 80% of landlords go to housing court with an attorney. RTC legislation would level the playing field and help more families avoid the trauma and long-term housing consequences of eviction.


Voting Rights

Reclaim The Vote 


Voter Education & Engagement 

Immigrant Rights

Drivers Licenses 

ICE Enforcement

Workers Rights

Wage Theft 

Youth Organizing for Educational Rights

Vocational Schools 

Organizing News

May Day Scenes: May 1st March for Immigrant Workers

May Day Scenes: May 1st March for Immigrant Workers

Every year on May 1, La Colaborativa marches for immigrant workers in honor of International Workers' Day. The march mobilizes thousands of people behind immigrant workers and has led to significant victories for workers over the years - from the driver's license...

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We Fight & We Win: A Historic Day for Immigrant Workers

We Fight & We Win: A Historic Day for Immigrant Workers

After a decades long fight for immigrant rights, today we celebrate a historic victory with the passing of the driver's license bill - The Work and Family Mobility Act - with a veto-proof majority in the Senate and the House! This will enable all residents to apply...

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