Two Years of COVID A Community in Crisis & A Path Forward Built Together

Photo by Darlene DeVita
It’s been two years since the first reported case of COVID in Chelsea. In March 2022, we had no idea what the road ahead would look like but we knew we had to keep showing up, keep our doors open, and keep working together to uplift our people.
In this time, our partners, neighbors, volunteers, donors, elected officials, and local business owners have moved our community from total crisis to a path forward. We came together in ways we never imagined before.
Two years ago, we were brand new to virtual programming, food distributions, and vaccinations. We learned as we went and leaned on so many partners, experts, and community members to navigate the way forward. Every decision was made to keep our commitment to our community that they would not be left behind in the pandemic.
Today, with construction underway at our new Chelsea Survival Center, our vision for a new day for Chelsea is coming to life. All of it possible because so many people recognized that something powerful was happening in Chelsea and joined together to uplift a community in pain.
In honor of two years of powerful partnership and survival, we ask that you consider a donation of food or money to La Colaborativa, to keep our food pantry doors open and our community nourished.
If you would like a first look at the Chelsea Survival Center, sign up for a tour here!

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