We Fight & We Win: A Historic Day for Immigrant Workers

After a decades long fight for immigrant rights, today we celebrate a historic victory with the passing of the driver’s license bill – The Work and Family Mobility Act – with a veto-proof majority in the Senate and the House!

This will enable all residents to apply for driver’s licenses, regardless of immigration status, opening countless opportunities for economic mobility, as immigrant families can safely pursue work and education opportunities, earn living wages, access childcare, attend appointments, and so much more.

La Colaborativa has been a leader on the front lines of this fight for nearly 20 years, demanding change for our members who risk their lives to get where they need to go. We are a proud member of the Driving Families Forward Coalition, and have worked closely with the Chelsea Police Department and Chief Brian Kyes to build statewide support among the law enforcement community.

We helped draft language for the new bill, brought immigrant voices directly to decision making tables, and took to the streets countless times, rallying behind this issue and others impacting immigrant workers.

Thank you to our elected officials for standing in a supermajority with us on this issue and to the fearless leadership of Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes, the Brazilian Workers Center, SEIU 32BJ, Cosecha, MIRA, and many, many others grassroots groups and immigrant workers refusing to give up!

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