Latino Heritage Month: We’re Celebrating Resilience & Opening Our Doors

September 15, marked the start of Latino Heritage Month and the kickoff to a month-long celebration of Latino culture, history, and leadership. This is a month to not only celebrate, but to recognize the immense needs still present in our Latinx communities. At La Colaborativa, we are honoring Latino heritage this year by celebrating the incredible resilience of our community and opening our doors to all.

The crisis of the pandemic is far from over for our people and since early summer, we’ve been responding to an influx of migrants arriving in Chelsea from Central and South America. These families have escaped extreme crime, violence, hunger, and poverty; they’ve survived treacherous journeys north; and they’re arriving at the US border where officials are putting them on buses and airplanes destined for unknown locations.

La Colaborativa is proud to be a destination for these families and we will continue welcoming them with open arms to our Sanctuary City. We welcome them with compassionate, experienced, and bilingual staff in a safe and confidential space. Like everyone in our community, we make sure they have food, clothing, shelter, jobs, doctors, medication, and lawyers. Whatever they need, we will find a way thanks to key partnerships with our local schools, hospitals, city departments, and legal partners. All of this is done with the highest level of dignity and care. 

Executive Director Gladys Vega talked yesterday with WBUR Radio Boston about what resettlement is really like for many migrant families, and the incredible resilience that keeps our community moving forward. Listen here

Please stand with us in support of immigrant families by donating in honor of Latino Heritage and in recognition of what our community faces and endures. We are accepting donations of food, clothing, and gift cards, along with monetary gifts. More info on how to give here

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