Citizenship & Immigration

 La Colaborativa supports immigrants on their pathways to citizenship through a continuum of services including citizenship classes, application support, and access to free legal aid. Attaining U.S. citizenship can open up many doors for immigrants in our community, enabling them to connect to economic opportunity and security in this country. All citizenship and immigration services are free at La Colaborativa, with virtual and in-person options taking place throughout 2023. Enrollment is now open for our next citizenship classes starting in April 2023.

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Citizenship Services

Citizenship Classes

La Colaborativa offers free Citizenship Classes throughout the year. Classes meet for 10 weeks for 2 hours per week. Due to COVID-19, we have virtual and in person options available. La Colaborativa has created a laptop lending program for any interested residents who need access to a laptop to participate. 

Classes prepare students for the oral and written portions of the Citizenship exam, with a curriculum covering 129 civics and history questions that could appear on the exam. Citizenship students can also participate in one of our English classes or cafecito conversation sessions, where you can practice your English in preparation for the exam.

Citizenship Application Support

La Colaborativa assists permanent residents to file the N-400 application for citizenship. Consultation on citizenship eligibility and applications are available through monthly citizenship clinics, and by appointment with the Citizenship Coordinator. 

Staff will conduct intake interviews with residents and ask preliminary questions about residency status and age in order to assess eligibility for citizenship and make recommendations for next steps. Residents may be referred for Citizenship and/or English classes, in addition to receiving support completing their application. 

Free Legal Aid

If you have a court docket, La Colaborativa staff will provide a referral for free legal aid through one of our legal partners. Attorneys can work with you to assess your case for citizenship and improve eligibility factors to prepare for a future application. 

English Classes

Improved English skills are a gateway to higher paying jobs and educational opportunities. La Colaborativa currently offers free, virtual English classes at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels in three sessions/year.

More info about English at La Colaborativa here

Driver's Licenses

As of July 1st, 2023, all residents of Massachusetts regardless of status are eligible to obtain a driver’s license. We can help walk you through the application process, obtain the right documents, and fast-track the process of obtaining a license. Please contact Hortencia for more information.

Citizenship & Immigration News

Introducing La Plazita

Introducing La Plazita

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