Your Donations Support Domestic Violence Victims: Why Your Donations Matter

Food pantry inside image

Earlier this month, a woman entered the food pantry seeking assistance. The pantry was very busy, as it often is, and all the case managers were occupied.

Executive Director Gladys Vega spoke to the woman and discovered that she was a victim of domestic violence seeking safety from her partner and aid for her three children.

Gladys and the team were able to quickly provide support to this woman, placing her in a safe location under an alias and writing her a check for $1,000 to immediately help her get supplies.

Gladys later pointed out to the team something that rang true for everyone. She said, while we cannot assume that everyone who walks in the door is in an emergency situation, we cannot assume that they’re not an emergency. And this woman was in an extremely difficult situation.

Because of your donations, La Colaborativa was able to support this woman and so many others who face daily survival. In addition to buying food and supplies, your donations go directly to members of the community. Thank you for continuing to support La Colaborativa during this difficult time.